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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water? – Common Causes of a Leaky Furnace

Have you been lately looking for leak detection services in Cobleskill, NY?  Is your heating system giving you some problems? There are numerous reasons why your furnace is leaking water, and a faulty heating unit can be pretty distressing. 

Therefore, a homeowner must understand all the possible causes of furnace leaks to get the leaks checked by technicians at the earliest to avoid costly repairs or replacement. 

Common Reasons Your Furnace is Leaking Water 

Mentioned hereunder are some of the common causes that lead to furnace leakage. 

Dirty Furnace Air Filters

Dirty furnace air filters can make the airflow get restrained, and the evaporator or condenser coil cools and then gradually freeze. Also, when the heating system gets turned off, it begins melting and might trickle into the pan, ending in overflowing. 

Therefore, it is crucial to keep the furnace air filters clean and change them every few months to resolve this issue of furnace leak. 

Obstructed Or Burst Condensation Drain Pipe

With time, just like your furnace air filter, your condensation drain channels can get dusty and obstructed with dirt, mildew, and dirt residue from the pan, making it challenging for the water in the furnace to run out the drain channel. 

This accumulated water ends in backflow and consequent leaking of water. In addition, sometimes, this heating system’s drain channel breaks and can cause a water leak. 

Wrong Installation

This reason is especially valid for the heating systems that are brand-new and still encountering leaks. It can take place even after your machine has undergone several repairsTherefore, if this is the case, it becomes evident that your furnace unit did not get accurately installed. Hence to get these issues resolved, it is better to call professionals for furnace repair in Cobleskill, NY

Jammed Drain Pipe

The drain tube is usually the part of your heating system that enables the condensate to run out through the sewerage system. If this channel gets jammed, there will be no outlet for the water to move freely from the machine and thus, will leak out from other components.

Therefore, to boost the longevity of your furnace units, you should get these problems addressed timely by calling technicians from an expert HVAC company in Cobleskill

What to Do Next?

Even if you’ve been able to identify the cause of your furnace leakage, the most beneficial thing to do is contact an HVAC repair technician. 

Whether the system needs servicing or replacement, a professional will be more equipped to find out and solve a problem. However, while you wait for an expert professional, you must perform these two things:

  • Switch off your heating system(and cut the power supply if possible)
  • Clean up the water spilled from the unit.

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