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My Air Conditioner Is Loud And Noisy. What’s Wrong?

It would help if you didn’t ignore strange noises coming from your air conditioner. The noises may indicate your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Not all noises are a reason for concern, but here are some you shouldn’t hear from your air conditioning system.

Let us talk about these noises in detail:

  • Buzzing Sound

Electrical problems are usually indicated by a buzzing noise. Having a defective circuit breaker can lead to a surge in current that can make a buzzing sound. If you think you may be having trouble with wiring or circuit breakers, you’ll need to speak with an electrician for help. You must consider an AC replacement in Cobleskill, NY.

  •  Rattling Sound

 A loud rattling noise could be caused by several issues, viz. Fall in the debris or loose part either inside or outside the unit.

In most cases, debris, such as small rocks, sticks, or other kinds of brush, entered your outdoor unit.

Rattling noises can be caused by debris hitting your fan. If you see debris inside your outdoor unit, you should contact a professional as soon as possible and have it cleared out before it causes further damage.

 The part is probably loose. Similar to the outdoor unit, a similar methodology is necessary here as well. During operation, loose parts can rattle around. No matter which part is loose on an indoor unit, it’s safe to say that it won’t affect the outdoor unit because the indoor unit is typically harder to reach.

  •  Grinding Sound

 In the AC units inside and outside, there are motors for the fans. The fan motor bearings may require to be lubricated or replaced if you hear a grinding noise. 

Choosing to lubricate your fan bearings or to repair your fan if it has been damaged will require the help of a professional. Make sure you schedule annual AC maintenance to prevent this problem in the future. Professionals usually lubricate all AC motor bearings during AC maintenance.

  • Squeaking Sound

 You most likely hear a squeaking sound due to a loose fan belt within the indoor unit. The fan belt can be damaged by being dropped or frayed by old age or if it comes off the track. 

  • Hissing sound

 A leaky refrigerant can be detected by hearing a hissing or bubbling noise from your AC and not cooling your home well. Hearing a hissing or bubbling noise is the expulsion of refrigerant out of the leak. 

It is important to do an AC installation in Cobleskill, NY.

 Additional ways to fix the strange noises

  •  The underlying cause should be found and rectified first
  • Vibrations from the outside unit can be minimized with mounting pads between the unit and the base.
  • You can deflect noise away from your home by installing a sound-blocking fence around your outdoor unit.
  • By scheduling regular maintenance checks with your technician, you can ensure your system is operating as it should and not making excess noise.

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