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Bad HVAC Contactor Signs

We all have a perfectly working air conditioner at home to save ourselves from the blazing heat of summer. Since it is an essential home appliance, you should be able to troubleshoot it on time before you call for AC repair in Cobleskill, NY. Today we are going to talk about AC contactors. We will go into detail about function and signs to look out for when it breaks down.

Introduction to AC Contactor

As one of the professional AC companies in Cobleskill, we would like to tell you that an AC contactor is an electric transmitter that regulates information to various parts of the air conditioner. It is a switch that moves electricity from one place to another.

In an HVAC system, the contactor shuts to generate an electric circuit. This process allows an air conditioner unit to start when the thermostat sends a signal to heat or cool your home. That is when the contractor’s volt and load sides establish a connection.

The load side denotes the outside unit of your AC, comprising the condenser and compressor. When the temperature reaches adequate, the contactor opens and stops all the electric flow to the AC. An expert technician of AC installation in Cobleskill, NY, will tell you how significant this part of the AC is.

Signs of the bad HVAC Contactors

It is usual to call for an AC repair in Cobleskill, NY, to look into your AC problems. But have you wondered if you can do a minimal inspection to ensure what causes your AC to fail? A broken HVAC contractor means your AC will not turn on.

Due to constant usage, a contactor may face wear and tear, and this leads to contactor failure before your AC stops turning on. Top professional AC companies in Cobleskill will ask you to look out for these signs of a broken HVAC Contactor

Humming Sound

This sound occurs when your AC is on, but it won’t power on. This condition indicates weak coils or dirty contacts. Because the button is not being pushed in, this keeps happening. However, you can manually push the button to turn on the AC completely, but this can be a risk for you.

Chattering Noise

A chattering sound happens when the plunger tries to make contact and cannot do so properly. It occurs due to dirty contact. As it fails to engage, you can hear the noise. Even though coil replacement might do the job, it is always better to hire an expert for AC repair to do the job.

Melting Smell

Sometimes, you may find or smell the melting of the plastic. Due to overheating, the plastic case of the contactor melts down. This calls for the immediate attention of an HVAC technician from any one of the reliable AC companies in Cobleskill.

Hopefully, we have assisted you in understanding the signs of a bad AC contactor. It is significant to opt for immediate AC repair in Cobleskill, NY, should you notice any of the above signs to minimize their effect on you and your AC. In this regard, we advise you to choose Don’s Electric & Plumbing Inc.

Our comprehensive HVAC service ranges from AC installation in Cobleskill to AC replacement. We have a team of trained experts with years of experience to address any HVAC need. Contact us today to learn more.